Our Future Vision

Madonna Fieldhouse

I struggled in higher education myself, therefore, I understand that this can be a very difficult decision. I have studied in various different countries, and have the ability to speak languages which really enables me to get to know each student on a personal level, I am a fluent Russian speaker. I aim to understand you, and help you in your journey to a brighter and successful future – which you desire! I am open and honest and ask that you are the same, in order for us to build the best working relationship. I grew up in London, finished my studies there, worked in London (Central) up until summer 2020. I recently relocated to Cambridge, as my dream has been to build my own house, which I am currently doing.

Personal Life

In my personal life, I enjoy being a mum, hanging out with my family & friends. I also enjoy working on different projects in order to keep myself super busy. I love going out to restaurants, visiting different sites and yoga!

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Learning is the process of acquiring new,
or modifyng existing, skills & behaviours.